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Bonair Winery and Vineyards encompass approximately 36 acres of prime vineyards in the heart of the Rattlesnake Hills AVA, 18 miles southeast of the city of Yakima, Washington. The first planting of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling was in 1980. Since then, the acreage for these grapes has been expanded and now includes Touriga, Gewürztraminer, Petite Verdot, Merlot, Malbec, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir,.
The beautiful hospitality center with spacious picnic areas and duck pond is open year round, and thousands of visitors have a fun memorable experience driving down the unpaved county road through the vineyards to taste, enjoy, and purchase the premium wines from Bonair. Bonair Winery is rated #1 on Google.

These wonderful vineyards are located at an elevation of ~900 feet on the bench lands of the Rattlesnake Hills AVA. The rich Warden Silt loam soils are highly prized for most all agriculture, especially apples, cherries and wine grapes. The Warden soils were created about 12,000 to 13,000 years ago from numerous “slack” waters of Glacial Lake Lewis formed by the Great Missoula Ice Age Floods. The surface is comprised of Aeolian soils from glacial dust and occasional volcanic eruptions in the Cascades to the west. These soils are alkaline and rich in lime and contribute to the richness of the wines.

The dry warm days and cool nights in the fall are perfect for full-bodied flavors and deep colors in the wines. In this desert region in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, it is not uncommon to have a temperature differential of 40 degrees between day and night. The cool nights preserve the natural acid in the fruit while warm daytime temperatures mature and develop the sugars to perfection. This desert region’s annual rain fall is only 6 – 10 inches, which primarily occurs in the winter months. The low humidity reduces the occurrence of molds and mildews which would adversely affect the quality of the wines. The WSU Ag Weathernet Buena station, which is nearby, records the area as having an average 2,800 Growing Degree Days. This compares favorably with 2,775 for Walla Walla and 2,919 for Red Mountain. This makes the area perfect for growing both red and white varieties.

Winery Facts & Description:
The winery is comprised of three buildings with divided space for cased goods, barrel storage, and bulk storage. All public areas are handicapped accessible.
The warehouse space for bottled wine is 1,728 sq. ft. and is both heated and air-conditioned. It can hold up to 12,000 cases.
The main barrel room is 1,728 sq. ft. and can hold over 300 oak barrels. Attached to this building is an ADA compliant restroom with outside entrance.
The tank/bottling area is 1,152 sq. ft. and has 11 permanently placed stainless steel tanks with a total storage capacity of ~20,000 gallons. The bottling line is fully automated and capable of filling, corking, foiling, and labeling ~100 cases per hour.
The crush pad can handle 8 tons per hour of hand or machine-picked fruit. The Europress Model EHP 3,000 can hand 6 tons of white grapes per load. In 2013 the winery crushed about 300 tons of grapes, both estate fruit and custom crush for other wineries.
There is a 1,728 sq. ft banquet area with catering kitchen. This space is rented for meetings, dinners, and weddings.
There is an upstairs winemaker’s office and storage area.

Hospitality Center:
The tasting room is styled after a French chateau. The cellar is a barrel cave that holds about 150 barrels. It can also double as an old-world romantic dining room for up to 60 people. The main level has a 50 ft. tasting bar with four pouring stations in order to handle several hundred people per day. There are two ADA compliant restrooms, a private dining room for 12, a commercial kitchen, and the business’s main office.
There is a large tree-shaded picnic area where small weddings and events can be held. There are also umbrella-shaded bistro tables in a garden setting in front of the hospitality center overlooking the duck pond.

Sales and Distribution:
The wines are distributed in eastern Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho.
Approximately 60% of the wines are sold directly through the tasting room.

Parcels Descriptions:
Parcel A: 20112332012: On ~ 3.8 Acres.
This parcel consists of all the winery buildings, crush pad, picnic grounds, fire protection pond, and paved parking/loading area. It is all part of the bonded premise.
This parcel includes forklifts, tanks, fittings, barrels, racks, pumps, bottling line, and all crush equipment.
There are approximately 1.3 acres of Chardonnay on this parcel.
Irrigation water comes from a senior water right from Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID). The irrigation weir, irrigation pump and sand media filter are adjacent to this parcel. Valued at $495,000: Inventory Goods:
Average inventory $500,000 (subject to sales and winemaking)
Buildings and Equipment Valued at $1,500,000:

Parcel B: 20112214402; On ~ 8.86 Acres. It has a 36’ x 60’ farm shop with office space.
4 Acres Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 7) – Planted in 1999
1.2 Acres Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 8) – Planted in 2014
A chapel that serves as a 196 sq. ft. storage shed.
Parking for the tasting room.
A large grass area for camping and overflow parking.
Valued at $260,000:

Parcel C: 20112214001; On ~ 21.75 acres
Parcel C has a senior water right with Union Gap Water District. It
2 Acres Cabernet Franc 2003
1 Acre Malbec 2003
1 Acre Gewürztraminer 2003
2 Acres Merlot 2003
0.50 Acres Pinot Noir (Pommard) 2013
1.3 Acres Pinot Noir 2003
0.5 Acres Touriga National (clones 1 and 3) Tinta Cao, Tinta Madeira
5.3 Acres Chardonnay (Prosser clone) 2003
0.7 Acres Petite Verdot 2005
1.2 Acres Shiraz (clone 07) 2014
This parcel has senior water rights from SVID and Union Gap. The Union Gap weir, pump, and sand media filter are on this parcel. This pump serves all Union Gap water rights.

Farm Equipment:
Farm Equipment $90,000

Intellectual Property:
All intellectual property including labels design, web site, and Facebook are included in the sale price.


Parcel D: 20112241005: On ~1.61 acres. $600,000 (Optional)

This unique and beautiful structure was the primary residence ~3000 sq. ft., 2 ½ story home on five levels. The bottom level has a 9’ X 8’ wine cellar and the mechanical room which houses the central heating and air conditioning. The home is available for occupancy use.
The ground floor has two bedrooms – one with full bath, the other with a ¾ bath, a laundry room, and the two-car garage. There is a ground level deck.
The formal entry is on level 3.
The main level has the kitchen, living room, formal dining room, a ½ bath and an office/library. There are two balconies, one overlooking the winery picnic area and the other overlooking the Cascade Mountains.
The attic story has a loft overlooking the living room and a bedroom with full bath. There is a third-story balcony overlooking the Yakima Valley.
There are two wells on this parcel. The primary well with a group ‘A’ permit serves the winery, residence, and rental house. The second well is not in use at this time.
There is ~1 acre of Chardonnay grapes on this parcel.
There is a 40’ X 24’ farm shop and storage room.
This parcel has senior water rights from Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID).
This parcel is part of the bonded premise.

All information is correct to the best of the owners’ knowledge and subject to verification by the buyer.
Seller offers to consult and assist in the transition of management and marketing of inventory.
Asking Price: $2,630,000 for the whole package.