New Mexico Winery, Vineyard & Ranch For Sale

100 De La O Road, San Lorenzo, NM 88041, USA
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Our Plan is to sell lock, stock and barrel (all, total and everything except for personal belongings) with no piecemeal approach.

The whole property consists of 110 acres: Approx. 1 acre of structures which includes: Original House, Ranch House, Winery, Barn, Shop, Storage and steel pipe corral. Appros. 4 acres of Wine Grape Vineyard, with an 8′ high Deer Fence, and a 4′ high Hog wire. Approx. 105 acres of grazing land, with a 5 strand barb wire fence.

There are Two Water Wells on the property: One Domestic Well. Permitted by Office of the State Engineer (OSE) for 3 acre feet per Year. The approved permit is for Domestic, Livestock, Drinking and Sanitary, (covers the ranch house, tasting room and winery usage).

One Commercial Well. Permitted by OSE for 3 acre feet per year. The approved permit is for irrigation of wine grape vineyard and winery. This permit also allows to divert 3 acre feet from the Domestic Well water to be used for irrigation. There are two Natural springs on the property and original cistern well.

The Wine Grape Vineyard consists of approx. 4 acres with approx. 3,500 Plants. The wine grape varietals and approx. number of plants are: Chardonnay (200 plants), Golden Muscat (550 plants), Saint Vincent (1,000 plants), Pinot Noir (460 Plants), Merlot 580 plants), Syrah (700 plants), Concord (15 plants) and 12 plants of the original Mission grapes.

The vineyard is irrigated from the top of the hill (gravity feed) to 3 separate Zones and 22 valves for 22 individual separate sections. All of the vineyard is irrigated through an underground PVC piping system with risers and mushroom bubblers. The first plants (test plot) of 10 each of 10 varietals were planted in 1998 and by 2001 we had approx. 2,500 plants. We have about 4 miles of netting.

The Winery is about 1,600 square feet with a 9′ by 9′ cellar. The winery also includes a 400 sq. ft. Tasting Room. It has two kitchen areas with regular sinks and deep sinks and all associated hot and cold water piping and floor drains. Our wines are sold at the Winery, Wine Festivals and Commercially at Beverage Company in Silver City (9 varieties), Peppers in Deming (6 varieties) and Bullocks in T or C (6 varieties).

The major Winery Equipment consists of:

80 gallon water bladder wine press
5 HP Must pump
Pneumatic Corker and Bottling equipment
24 Stainless Steel Wine Tanks with lids:
One 1,000 Liters.
Eight 800 Liters
Two 600 Liters
Five 500 Liters
Six 300 liters
Two new 150 Liters
(Several of the tanks have a stainless steel stands)
Other miscellaneous pumps, hoses, clamps, gaskets, etc…
Approximately one hundred 5 gallon plastic buckets
Two 1,000 pound capacity wine grape bins
Ten 55 gallon food grade plastic barrels with lids
One old 80 gallon ratchet type wine press

The Ranch House is about 1,600 sq. ft. It has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, formal dining room, 3 full bathrooms, wash room, veranda and covered porch. In-floor heating and evaporated AC with duct system.

Vineyard Ranch equipment consists of:

20 HP John Deere Compact Tractor
New 36 rotary tiller
New 48 rotary tiller
disks, blade
post hole digger
brush hog
front end bucket etc…
25 HP John Deere tractor w/backhoe and
front end bucket, disks, blade etc…
Two axle Livestock Trailer
Power Plant/Welder on trailer.

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