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Presenting the Okanagan’s premiere and most fairly priced winery offering: Rainmaker Wines. Located within the lush rolling vineyard of the prestigious Black Sage Bench, this newly built winery is an excellent opportunity for an individual or group looking to enter the industry at a premier level or an existing winery looking for a new high-profile home.

The Rainmaker Wines offering consists of a unique grouping of high-quality winery and vineyard assets in the Okanagan Valley. Located within the prestigious Black Sage Bench and Golden Mile Bench, these offerings present the opportunity to acquire a state-of-the-art winery and all other required assets for a thriving wine business. Planted vineyard land is offered at CA$225,000 per acre.

The Black Sage Road property is located on the Black Sage Bench, on the Eastern side of the Oliver valley. With a total acreage of 11.04, the property has 9.59 planted acres. The vineyard is planted with Viognier, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Roussanne, Tempranillo, and Chardonnay Musque. This property includes the spectacular Rainmaker facility building. A dynamic marvel constructed of glass and steel, the Rainmaker facility incorporates new and natural elements to cultivate a uniquely breathtaking experience. The facility includes a tasting room, production facility, crush pad, office space, storage, restrooms and state of the art mechanical system. The facility layout is very customizable, and can be reconfigured to add in food service, or remove public spaces entirely and exclusively operate as a production and storage facility to suit the buyer’s needs.

The Tasting Room spaces features the modern, sleek and refined Tasting Room with two fully equipped wine bars. Totalling 1,360
square feet the tasting room has the capacity to accommodate 45 guests. It features sophisticated and contemporary design elements, including glass, stainless steel, polished concrete and cedar. The tasting room space is adjacent to 1,360 square feet of office, storage, and mechanical space.

The Production Space features a 4,140 square foot production facility, adjacent to the Tasting Room. It has state of the art heating and cooling system, with custom made glycol lines throughout the facility. The facility can be used for production and barreling, or solely production. The production facility currently has the capacity to produce up to 20,000 cases per year.

The outdoor 1,360 square foot concrete crush pad is located attached to the production space. It features a roof covering, overhead lighting, water and power. Adjacent to the production facility, the crush pad has the future ability to be walled-in and turned into more production space, or utilized as a separate barreling room. The crush pad is an extremely versatile and highly functional space.

The Rainmaker Wine package includes the option to purchase the winery and vineyard equipment. Winery equipment includes harvest and processing equipment, presses and accessories, winemaking equipment, tanks and barrels, and tasting bar equipment. This equipment is offered at CA$455,815. Vineyard equipment includes a John Deere tractor, prepruner, hedger, weed sprayer, mower, cultivator, canopy sprayer, fertilizer spreader, clover mower, and vineyard netting. This equipment is offered at CA$150,000.

The Rainmaker Wine package includes the option to purchase two additional vineyard properties: 729 Road #8 totalling 14.91 acres and 4535 Ryegrass Road totalling 8.56 acres with a new irrigation system. These are offered at CA$2,437,500 and CA$2,678,500 respectively.

The option also exists for a purchaser to acquire the current inventory of Rainmaker’s bottled wines.

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