Colorado Winery For Sale – Colorado’s Oldest & Most Awarded Winery

Colorado Cellars, 3553 East Road, Palisade, CO 81526, USA


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Located in Palisade, Colorado, this winery was initially established in 1978 with the first vines provided by Colorado State University in Colorado, with the vineyards planted in 1974. The winery location was purchased and the original portion of the building was built in 1980 into the hillside to begin making wines. As time progressed, the owners built on the production & storage area, and in 2002 added the carefully curated wine tasting room & patio area. With approximately 3 total acres of vines on the property, growing Merlot and Gewurztraminer, the winery produces a total of 26 types of wines and a authentic champagne.

The property has a beautifully maintained lawn with gazebo which is ideal for outdoor events, weddings, concerts, and more. More than sufficient parking has been carefully thought through. Between the winery building, tasting room, outdoor tasting area, and event area, the property is an ideal hosting grounds for wine tasting & events.

The winery business and equipment assets are nothing short of impressive. Wine making efficiency and a well-established, strong business makes this property a great income-producing investment, with a very strong capitlization rate. This business has lead the charge in Colorado wine making, fruit wine production, and champagne production. Producing over 12,000 cases per year, it has an impressive list of vendors & outstanding financials.

The tasting room encompasses just over 1,200 square feet, the office and laboratory rooms cover 988 square feet, and the winery/bottling/warehouse area covers 5,600 square feet total. Two 10,000 watt solar arrays cover the roof, providing free power to the business, and netting the property approximately $35/month in electric from Xcel energy.

Colorado Wine History – Started in 1978 in Palisade, CO

Most Awarded – Colorado Cellars Winery has won over one thousand State, National, and International wine competition awards. They offer 26 wines, and a even a genuine Champagne. Not just one, but many of their wines have recevied medals for best in class over the years. The business has been family owned and operated from the start, “Exclusively in the wine business – complete commitment to an uncompromising desire for quality is the key to our long term success”  This property and business is also the original Colorado vineyard & winery. They forged the path for many other vineyards & wineries in the Palisade area. Their brands include: Colorado Cellars, Rocky Mountain Vineyards. A unique fact about their brand is the grandfathered-in law allowing the use of “Colorado” in their brand name, as well being able use the label name “Champagne” and “Port”.

Strong Financials Offers Great Investment Opportunity

Great property for weddings and event center. Revenue has grown 3 years in a row. Thoroughly recorded financials and high net profit compared to other vineyard & winery businesses. Cap rate is over 9% at current list price. Possible option to have manager run operations with owner being remote. Colorado Cellars has a strong reputation that makes this a unique opportunity and practical investment. Contact listing brokers for NDA prior to viewing financials.

Palisade, Colorado

Founded in April of 1904, Palisade, Colorado has been considered an “agricultural heaven” because of its close proximity to the Colorado River and its ability to feed the beautiful orchards and vineyards we have today. Named after the cliffs that overhang the town, Palisade is most known for their local businesses such as wineries, breweries and restaurants. Wine tasting, fine cuisine and frequent local musicians playing in town give this place a lively charm. Throughout the year, events like Palisade Bluegrass Festival, the Farmers Market, Colorado Mountain Winefest and the Custom Motorcycle Show attract plenty of visitors and keep locals entertained. With many outdoor activities like mountain biking, camping, ATV adventures, cross-country skiing, rafting and hiking; there is an abundance of recreation. Just outside of town you have the Grand Mesa, which is the largest flat top mountain in the world compromising 500 square miles and home to 300 lakes and reservoirs. As I-70 runs just north of Palisade, you are given the ease of travel in and out of town. The closest airport is only 12 miles away in the neighboring city of Grand Junction. Located just an hour east of Palisade is Powderhorn Ski Resort, a fantastic family resort offering 600 acres of skiable terrain. You are also only a two hour drive away from the famous towns of Vail, Aspen, and Moab, UT. Throughout the year, this western colorado town receives an average of 78% of sunshine which is 240 days a year and an impressive 182-day growing season. Palisade really is the quintessential of a Colorado town – filled with character, recreation, and plenty of sunshine.

Palisade Plunge bike path is a long distance path running from the top of the Grand Mesa to the town of Palisade over a total of 33 miles. A great tourism attraction, the plunge dives over 5,000 feet in elevation.

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